Plumbing Informer is an informational website that offers daily DIY plumbing advice and also tool review buying guides. 

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide the average homeowner and DIY enthusiast with plumbing insights and provide non-biased reviews on tools for any home related project.  

With our helpful DIY and how-to articles, we hope to solve any plumbing related problem that the average person finds in their home. With our helpful buying guides, we provide reviews on the best tools to use for any plumbing or home related project. 

Who Am I?

ryan smith

My name is Ryan Thompson, I have over 20+ years of experience as a residential and commercial plumber in Miami, Florida. I'm a huge DIY enthusiast who does all types of improvement projects around the house.

Most of the articles in this site are written by me, but I routinely have other experienced contractors contribute to it as well. 

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