Best Drain Snakes For Kitchen Sink

Kitchen sink clogs aren't fun to deal with and they certainly aren't always easy to unclog. If a plunger isn't doing the job, then that's when drain snakes come in.

A drain snake is a convenient tool that can extend down your drain and is able to displace whatever is causing the clogging. 

There are several different types of drain snakes, all of which come in different sizes. Some drain snakes are better for bathrooms, showers, or kitchens. 

To make it easier for you to figure out which one is the best for your situation, we created this guide on drain snakes specifically for kitchen sinks.

Here are our reviews on the top 4 drain snakes for kitchen sinks.

Best Drain Snakes For Clogged Kitchen Sinks

DrainX Pro Steel Plumbing Drain Snake

The DrainX Pro is a 50-foot drain snake with a 1/4" cable diameter that can quickly fix the toughest kitchen sink clogs. With its spiral head, it can fit in pipes between 1-1/4" - 3". 

The DrainX Pro is very easy to use and the steps to unclog sinks are easy to follow. 

To start you just need to loosen the thumbscrew on it. After that's done pull the cable out and into the kitchen drain while making sure that the head of the auger stays a couple of inches away from the rim of the drain.

Once you reach the clog then simply retighten the thumbscrew you initially let loose and use the Knob to turn the drum clockwise. This will eventually cause it to force itself through the clog and clean it in the process. 

Gloves and a drawstring pouch are included with it.

Caan's News Snake Drain

Caan's News snake drain comes with a heavy-duty steel cable measuring 25 feet. Using the easy to use Knob and grip handle, you can quickly clear up any clogs all by yourself.

It has a screw that it uses to keep the cable in place and a metal mouth designed for long-lasting durability so you can use it for years to come. 

Apart from clearing kitchen sink clogs you can also use it for shower drains, bathroom sinks & utility sinks.

Populo Electric Drain Snake

The Populo electric drain snake has a 25 foot reinforced flexible cable ready to deal with any clogging issues. It can fit into drains between 3/4" - 2" and it's easily controlled by a forward and backward reverse mechanism. 

With its cable lock setting, you can take on the hardest kitchen sink clogs. Whether you need to use it for S or L pipes, it can help you unclog even the most complicated kitchen sink.

It comes with a battery fuel gauge so you can check how much power it has left, but with its 20V Max lithium-ion battery it lasts long enough to finish any job.

Popoman MTW700B Cordless Drain Snake

The Popoman cordless drain snake is a heavy-duty drain clog remover that comes with a shaft 25 feet in length. You can unclog any pipe between 3/4" - 2". 

The MTW700B is able to unclog both S and L pipes making it a convenient choice for homeowners. Its technology gives you full control on how to use it with multiple options for rotations and speed. 

It uses a lithium-ion battery that charges up quickly and lasts long enough for you to finish unclogging any kitchen drain no matter how difficult it is.  

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