Best Drain Snakes To Clear Up Clogs 2022

Everyone gets the occasional clog in their bathroom or kitchen sinks and calling a plumber to fix every clog you get would quickly become outrageously expensive.

While some people resort to chemical clog removers — it’s important to note that these substances are pretty corrosive. Some of them might also end up puncturing your plumbing pipes. They’re also rarely eco-friendly and can potentially cause environmental problems. 

One of the best ways to resolve a pipe or sink blockage is to use a drain snake. With a drain snake, you can unclog pipes, sinks or shower drains in minutes without harming the environment or damaging the pipes.

If you’re not sure which model to buy, here’s a carefully curated list of the best drain snakes. In addition, you’ll find a buyer’s guide, plus our best tips on how to use the drain snake. We selected these products based on their effectiveness in unclogging pipes, quality construction materials, and versatility. There are various models with features to suit individual needs and price ranges to match any budget. 

Top 8 Drain Snakes 

1. DrainX Auger Pro 25-Foot Plumbing Snake

DrainX Auger Pro 25-Foot Plumbing Snake

The Drain X plumbing snake is halfway technology between electric models and manual models. This mechanical augur is efficient, durable, and it comes at a fair price. 

With the 25-foot long cable length, corkscrew head and its ¼ inch diameter, you can unclog a piping system in various places around your house without needing to dismantle everything. You can also use a shorter length and fix clogged kitchen sinks, which cause leakage more often than not. It also fixes bathroom sinks, shower drains, and bathtub pipes. 

The only type of drain that’s not recommended with this drain snake is the toilet drain. That’s because the augur could scratch the porcelain of the toilet, and you probably don’t want to fix something by spoiling another. Other than that, the Drain X can be used in pipes from 1 ¼ to 3-inch pipes. 

The drawstring moves smoothly inside a solid steel drum housing. This gives you total control of the extension and retraction of the cable with the grip handle. This way, you can unclog any pipes with precision and almost no guesswork at all. 

This plumbing snake is easy to operate, and if something looks complicated, there is a full instruction manual for quick reference. Another thoughtful giveaway that comes with this drain auger is a pair of gloves and a pouch for the drawstring. 


  • Has a long 25-foot cable for any pipes
  • Sturdy steel drum 
  • Comes with work gloves and a pouch


  • The tip isn’t too strong, so it could break with rough usage

2. Drainsoon Heavy Duty Pipe Snake

Drainsoon Heavy Duty Pipe Snake

The Drainsoon has a lot in common with the Drain X pipe snake, especially in the length of the cable. They differ mainly in the handle style, auger flexibility, and cable feed mechanism. As for the usage, they’re both pretty versatile, with the single limitation of toilet drains. 

Another feature that characterizes the Drainsoon is its budget-friendly price, which makes it a real catch. Compared to similar models or the plumber’s bill, this pipe snake comes out as a household must-have for clearing up clogs. 

The auger is designed to tilt easily to a 90-degree position, which allows you to extend it through winding pipes easily. This means you can clear up clogs in even the most challenging plumbing setups. However, you should be careful while working with thin pipes as they’re typically quite fragile. 


  • Has long 25-foot cable
  • 90-degree bending
  • Comes with a pair of gloves


  • The thumbscrew is a bit too small and not always easy to turn

3. Liboyixi 6+1 Drain Clog Remover Tool Sink Snake

Liboyixi 6+1 Drain Clog Remover Tool Sink Snake

This is more of a kit than a device for clearing up clogged drains. The comprehensive set is put together to deal with hair clogs in bathtub sinks, blocked kitchen sinks, all types of pipes like PVC, toilet clogs, and sewers.

The set consists of 20-inch hair-removal drain snakes, 39-inch drain augers, 24-inch sticks for cleaning drains, plus a drain strainer for the bathroom sink. All this comes at an unbelievable price.  

This combo of drain snakes is sufficient to clean up any blockages anywhere in the piping system. They’re pretty easy to use, and to get the best performance out of them, you need to select the right tool for the application required.  


  • A comprehensive kit of drain snakes 
  • Low price for its value
  • Soft augers won’t harm the pipes


  • Might take a while to clear up the stoppage

4. Ridgid GIDDS Maxcore Drain Cleaner

Ridgid GIDDS Maxcore Drain Cleaner

The Rigid GIDDS Maxcore is a brilliantly designed drain cleaner that can shatter stubborn blockages down any bathtub drain or toilet clogs. So if you flush something down the toilet you're not suppose to, this drain auger will help clear it up.

The toilet auger can be used in its default mechanical mode, where you turn the handle to extend or retract the auger. This is typically an easy job. But you can make it easier by attaching a power tool in place of the handle. 

The extremities of this drain cleaner are pretty sturdy. The full-length 25-foot cable with its ¼-inch bulb can take on any blockage down the pipeline. It's a great choice no matter what kinda toilet you own, including smaller ones.


  • Can be fitted with a power tool 
  • No-mess, easy operation 
  • The auger self-feeds into the pipes
  • Hard auger and bulb for stubborn blockages  


  • A bit on the pricey side 

5. RIDGID K-3 3-FootToilet Auger Snake

RIDGID K-3 3-FootToilet Auger Snake

The RIDGID K-3 is specially designed to unclog stopped-up or blocked toilets. Its vinyl guard allows the snake to proceed down the drains without harming the porcelain, which is a huge plus. In addition, it can navigate the S-bend of the toilet drain with total ease, and do its job adequately. 

Since toilet blockages are among the most stubborn, this auger snake has an inner core compression-wrapped in three folds around the axis. This makes it extra-strong and ready when it comes to facing challenging situations.  

The handles are also rigid, and they’re pretty easy to grasp and control. Thanks to an ergonomic, innovative design, you can operate this augur with precision. It also won’t strain your hands even after extensive use.


  • Vinyl-guard to protect the toilet porcelain 
  • Flexible cable to go through the S-bend
  • Has ergonomic handles


  • The cable length is a bit limited as it’s only 3 feet long

6. ONEHERE Drain Hair Clog Remover Tool

ONEHERE Drain Hair Clog Remover Tool

This budget-friendly drain auger removes hair effectively from bathroom sinks, bathtub drains, kitchen sinks, pipes, and toilets. Since clogs are commonly responsible for low water pressure in bathroom sinks, this drain snake can help get things back to normal.

The kit comes with two stainless steel pistol-action drain snakes, plus five plastic sink snake drain clog removers. The kit can be used for generic sink cleaning, but it works best in the specific job of hair removal. 

The plastic snags are made from modified propylene, making them extra flexible, soft on the pipes, yet solid and difficult to snap. 

This plumbing kit is effortless to use and comes in handy at all times. 


  • Effective in removing hair clogs
  • Made from modified propylene 
  • Hard to break or snap 


  • Not very effective in clearing up solid blockages

7. RIDGID K-6P 6 ft. Toilet Auger with Bulb Head

RIDGID K-6P 6 ft. Toilet Auger with Bulb Head

Unclogging a stopped-up toilet is a tricky business. The clogged parts can be located in all parts of the pipes, and the nature of the clog itself varies widely, even in the same household. So one day, it might be human waste, another a handful of hair, and the next a ball of toilet paper causing the water to rise too high

So you want a draink snake to be flexible, robust, and extended to handle any type of plumbing problem. The RIDGID K-6P checks all these boxes and more. 

Its handle is molded to fit right inside your palm to avoid putting extra stress on the hands while working. The auger is pretty strong, so the whole process shouldn’t take too long to clear up. 


  • Heavy-duty cable 
  • Has ergonomic grip 
  • Made with a slip-resistant handle  


  • Quite expensive 

8. POPULO Electric Snake Drain Clog Remover

POPULO Electric Snake Drain Clog Remover

Manual and mechanical drain snakes are handy devices that get the job done. But they’re often physically taxing. That’s why the electrical varieties are quite popular, especially with households that already require other physically demanding tasks.  

The Populo is a beast of a machine, with a long cable extending to 25 feet, and it has a battery that works on a whopping 20 Volts. This outreach and great power translate to an unstoppable drain clog remover. 

You can use this plumbing machine in almost any clogged drain, sink, or pipe. It also works well in clearing up toilet blockages, which makes it a comprehensive do-it-all. 

The cordless rechargeable device has a long runtime, so you can perform all your work without stopping for a recharge. Additionally, there’s a charge indicator on the device, so you can tell when the battery is running out of juice. 


  • High-power 20-Volt battery
  • Adjustable speed up to 560 RPM 
  • Long cable extending to 25 feet
  • Lock settings for ease of operation


  • Battery replacements are hard to find

What Is a Drain Snake and What Is It Used For?

A drain snake is a mechanical device used for catching and resolving blockages in sinks, drains, pipes, or toilets. 

Back in the day, households used a brush attached to a long, relatively flexible stick for clearing up sinks. It worked as long as the sinks weren’t too stopped up and the clogging substances were shallow. 

The idea developed further, and instead of a short stick, we now have much longer cables. They can reach quite deep into pipes and break apart various types of tough clogs. Even stubborn ones that would otherwise require you to take apart the plumbing.   

best drain snake

How To Use A Drain Snake

There are various types of drain snakes, which are necessary to effectively remove the different kinds of blockages. Some drain snakes are better suited for dealing with hair clogs, soap scum, and other debris that clogs up your plumbing.

So, first of all, you need to know the tools in your arsenal, as well as the possible issues that could be hiding in the plumbing.

The drain snakes are primarily of two types: a corrugated plastic-type used mainly to remove hair clogs and a metal cable that twists and turns inside drains to break up all kinds of blockages. 

Metal cables come in various lengths. The shorter ones are designed to clean up clogged drains and sinks, while the longer ones are made for piping systems. 

Using one type in place of the other might partially solve the problem, but good outcomes can only be attained by properly using the right tools. 

The pistol type augers with tips work in a manner that doesn’t push the blockage forward but rather claws at it and breaks it up bit by bit. Here’s how you can use a drain snake: 

  1. Put on a pair of gloves with long sleeves.
  2. Try to work in a well-ventilated area.  
  3. Hold the pistol handle in place, and guide the cable inside the sink, drain, or pipe.
  4. Keep on extending and feeding the cable till it reaches a solid or difficult spot. 
  5. Return back a small distance, then open up the claws at the tip of the auger, or engage the coil. 
  6. Let the head grab hold of the blocking material. 
  7. Pull back the cable slowly to avoid dropping the material inside the pipe further. 
  8. Repeat the previous steps till the clog is cleared up completely.  

Drain Snake Buying Guide

While you should always shop smart and work within a budget, there are many other factors to consider while selecting a drain snake than just price. Here is some more information about them you need to know.

Type of Drain Snakes

There are three main types of devices you can use: 

  • Manual
  • Mechanical
  • Electric 

A manual drain snake might be sufficient if you live in a small household or just need the drain snake for office space. 

Larger households with bustling movements around the kitchen, bathroom, and pretty much everywhere often create various clogs. This kind of usage usually calls for a mechanical or electronic device. 

Big families and commercial spaces often do well by acquiring a heavy-duty electric device. While these high-powered drain snakes don’t come cheap, they still cost less than a professional plumber, making their costs justified.

Cable Diameter and Length 

The cable diameter should be large enough to unclog blockages effectively, but it shouldn’t exceed the size of the pipes. Going for an extra cautious choice and getting one smaller in diameter would also make the cleaning job quite tedious. So you want to choose one that’s right in the middle of both.

An ample length for a drain auger is around 25 feet. This is often perfect for residential usage and covers up the requirements of most piping systems. Commercial and public spaces usually need longer spans that could reach up to 75 feet. 

Unclogging Mechanism and Head Design 

There are various designs for the tip of the auger and different mechanisms to break up blockages. 

Some drain snakes use a coil shape to catch the blocking substances. While others have a hook that opens and closes to take bites off of the clogs. 

Both methods are suitable, so select the type that feels easier to you. Some drain snakes have changeable heads that provide the two main options, plus other variations. If you can find this kind of device, go for it right away. This will definitely come in handy. 

The best drain snakes are the ones that get the job done quickly, efficiently, and without costing too much. To that end, all of the selections in this round-up are perfect contenders. 

Having said that, there is a bit of favoritism here. The top spot goes to the DrainX Auger Pro. It’s perfect for everyday declogging jobs. 

However, the Drain X isn’t the best drain snake for toilet stoppages. So if you’re looking for a drain snake that can take care of all the toilet issues quickly and effortlessly, you should get the  POPULO Electric Snake Drain Clog Remover.

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