10 Best Dual Flush Toilets of 2022 — Reviews & Buyers Guide

You use your toilet every day, so chances are you want a quality toilet that provides comfort and efficiency. After all, we spend hours of our lives on one. A lot of us are familiar with the concept of the traditional single flush toilet. These have what is usually a lever on the side of the toilet. Push the lever, and everything is emptied from the bowl and goes down the drain. 

However, not many are aware of the benefits of a dual flush toilet. In terms of being environmentally friendly, flushing five gallons of clean water down the drain every time someone flushes seems excessive. Since you probably want to waste less water and lower the water bills, dual flush toilets are rising in popularity. 

The dual flush system usually features two buttons on top of the tank. One flushes with much less water, perfect for disposing of liquid waste. The other button will flush about twice as much water to eliminate solid waste. However, even the larger setting uses far less water than your typical single-flush system. 

The dual flush system is taking over. It's easy to use, saves water, lowers water bills, and it even looks elegant. With that said, here are some of the best dual flush toilets to choose from. 

Top 10 Dual Flush Toilets

Woodbridge Cotton White T-0019

Woodbridge T-0019

The Woodbridge T-0019 is every cleaning enthusiast's dream. With its easy-to-remove lid and no nooks and crannies design from the skirted trapway, you can have this spotless in no time. 

It features a powerful siphonic flush system and gets even the most challenging jobs done without any fuss. With the Woodbridge, you get a 1000-gram flush, so you can worry less about what will or won't go down. But it's not just powerful — it's also quiet. It gets everything taken care of discreetly. 

The Woodbridge's dual flush toilet features a slightly taller height for a comfortable design. The elongated toilet bowl makes it more comfortable and accessible for people to sit down on. But at 31 x 18 x 28 inches, it might not be the right choice for small bathrooms. You should check your bathroom's size before you buy. 

When you order the Woodbridge, everything comes included and pre-installed for you. You'll have all the tools you need to get it up and running in no time. That includes floor bolts and a unique wrench designed for tight spaces. 

When it comes to aesthetics, this design features a crisp, glossy finish and modern lines. It is the perfect addition to your modern master bathroom, and it looks great everywhere. 

DeerValley DV-1F026

DeerValley DV-1F026

The DeerValley is similar to the Woodbridge in many ways, such as its easy-to-clean nature and simple design. However, it’s not as large as the Woodbridge, perfect for smaller bathrooms where the toilet won’t dominate the entire space. It fits into most bathrooms at 28 x 14 x 27.26 inches while still giving you lots of extra space. 

The DeerValley design features a glazed finish, meaning nothing sticks, and it's easy to clean and remove stains. The high-quality ceramic also means you get less wear and tear over time, as it stands up to scratches and stains. You may even find yourself cleaning a bit less, thanks to the glazed finish and self-cleaning nature. 

Everything comes pre-installed, so it's ready out of the box. However, it doesn't include its own tools, so you'll need to be ready with your own.

This toilet model is highly water-efficient, with a light flush as small as .8 gallons. However, it doesn’t boast as quiet a flush as other dual flush toilets. So while you get the power you need for large flushes, you’ll also hear that power. 

It’s sleek and modern, so you can't go wrong with this small toilet. It only comes in one color, but the bright white look makes it the perfect addition to any decor you have in the bathroom. 

Kohler K-3987-96 Two Piece Round Front

Kohler K-3987-96

If you like multiple color options, you need to take a close look at Kohler toilets. Kohler offers three colors for its design: black, white, and biscuit. Black and white are self-explanatory, but the biscuit is a bit more neutral of white than the bright glossy finish of pure white. 

Don't be fooled by the lever on the side, as it's still a dual-flush model. However, instead of reaching over to the top of the tank, you can use both flush settings on the side of the toilet. This is ideal for people who struggle to reach that far back. 

A light flush is 1.1 gallons per flush, making it less efficient than the .8 gallons per flush models. However, it's still incredibly efficient compared to models without a dual flush design. 

There's a 1-year warranty with your purchase. So should anything go wrong or be unsatisfactory with your two piece toilet, you can get it taken care of. As for installation, the model includes DryLock technology. This keeps everything sealed up to avoid leaks and clean up during and after installation. And with rough-ins available in 10, 12, and 14 inches, you can get the size that will be the more suitable for your bathroom. 

The toilet bowl is round-shaped rather than elongated. While it might not offer maximum comfort like other round toilets, it takes up much less space than other elongated varieties, making it perfect for powder rooms. 

Convenient Height Tall Bowl

Convenient Height Tall Bowl

This is one of the tallest dual flush toilets you find on the market. If you struggle with sitting and standing, this is the perfect choice for you. At 20 inches, this bowl height provides the most comfort for everyone — especially the elderly and tall people. And with the dual flush, extra-long lever on the front of the tank, it’s quite convenient to reach.

The model also includes a highly durable flush actuator. That means the part that handles every flush is made to last. With durable engineering and high-quality parts, the toilet can last for many years.

For those with heating baseboards in their bathroom, the large base of many sleek and modern toilets might not fit too well. But the Convenient Height design is built to fit any bathroom — even those with large baseboard heaters due to its curved back. 

On the downside, it comes without any pre-installed parts, so you'll need to pay close attention to the manual and call customer service if you need help. Thankfully, their customer service is quite friendly and helpful. 

The two piece toilet design doesn't trade in efficiency for safety. With a strong gravity flush and excellent water efficiency, you can get everything you need from this tall toilet. However, despite the extra height, it's not one of the largest ones out there. It easily fits in just about any bathroom or powder room. 

HOROW HWMT-8733S Small Toilet

HOROW HWMT-8733S Small Toilet

The Horow 8733S offers the most affordable dual flush toilet - although you can always upgrade with the stylish gold buttons on the tank. With one of the smallest sizes, it's the perfect addition to difficult-to-fill spaces. 

Everything comes included for installation, even a supply line adapter. All you need to bring is the tools, and installation is straightforward. The design also features an open access hole at the back, so you can quickly install and perform necessary maintenance afterward. 

As for cleaning, the Horow offers a self-cleaning glazed finish. As a result, fewer bacteria and stains build up, requiring you to clean it much less. It uses 1.28 gallons per flush for a full flush.

At only 25 x 13.4 x 28.4 inches, this is great for small or atypically shaped rooms. However, it's very short. With such a low toilet seat, it's not the best option for those who struggle to sit easily or those with long legs. However, for those with shorter legs, it’s one of the most comfortable options available.

Horow offers a super quiet flush and self-cleaning glazed finish. It also features superior water usage efficiency on par with DeerValley. And if you run into any problems with it, the 5-year warranty from Horow can protect your purchase. 

Swiss Madison Well Made Forever SM-1T205

Swiss Madison Well Made Forever SM-1T205

Coming in either a glossy white or bisque, Swiss Madison Well Made has a dual flush toilet for you. With an elongated bowl at comfort height, you can relax while sitting. 

At 28.7 x 15 x 30 inches, it doesn’t fit all small spaces, but it’s also isn't the largest. This makes it an excellent choice for standard bathrooms. While Swiss Madison offers this toilet in a single and dual flush design, the dual flush is an environmentally-friendly toilet that meets strict EPA flushing guidelines.

The biggest downside is the back of the toilet seat and installation method. With such a straight back, it sits very close to the wall. For those with large baseboards, you need to work around this with an extension on the supply line. Consider hiring a professional plumber to get it installed correctly for the best results. 

It does include an installation kit, but others tools might be necessary to get it properly mounted to your floor. But once installed, it features a gravity flush and low water usage. It’s one of the louder models but works well without running into serious clogs or leaks. 

American Standard 2886518.020 H2

American Standard 2886518.020 H2

The American Standard comes in three colors, from a bright glossy white to two off-white colors. The model also allows you to mix and match heights and bowl shapes. So whether you want taller, shorter, round, or elongated, you get precisely what you want from it.

For those wanting a little extra boost for easy sitting or standing, opt for the right height option. However, it’s only 17 inches off the ground. Compared to the 20 inches you get with some of the other options on this list, it may not be the best for mobility. For others, the normal height choice is more than likely the most comfortable. 

While this is a dual flush design, you get incredible power in every flush. Also, just because this only uses .92 gallons per flush for the partial flush, it can still flush everything inside the toilet bowl. 

The dual-flush allows for good water usage, but what you'll notice first is the EverClean surface technology.  It stops bacteria and odors in its tracks, meaning you don’t have to clean the bathroom as much.

HOROW HWMT-8733U Small 1-Piece Toilet

HOROW HWMT-8733U Small 1-Piece Toilet

If you love the Horow 8733S but want something more durable, Horror 8733U is a great option. The Horow 8733U is all about the UF durable material. It can last through every misadventure and general wear and tear. The lid is durable but still has a silent, slow close. 

The UF material won't scratch or fade, so it looks great in your bathroom for much longer than any other material. However, this UF material still looks like your standard ceramic toilet and won't distract attention from the bathroom's overall design. 

The model is also 25 x 13.4 x 28.4 inches making it super compact. This makes it the perfect addition to a small powder room or corner. But be warned — it can look out of place for large bathrooms. 

The dual flush toilet is easy to install and features a large access hole at the back. It arrives surrounded by customized foam to prevent any transportation incidents.

Like the Horow 8733S, you get incredible efficiency and a 5-year warranty. The toilet can take on any job with a quick-release system. 

WinZo WZ5080 Dual Flush One Piece

WinZo WZ5080

For those with small bathrooms, you know how important space is, even above your toilet. A large toilet can overwhelm a space, looking wildly out of place. Furthermore, wall space allows for shelving and a little more breathing room. 

If you're looking for the most compact toilet, look no further than the WinZo. This one piece toilet uses very little water while using minimal space. With an elongated bowl and at comfort height, you'll still feel comfortable on top of it. 

The toilet's minimum flush is .8 gallons, so you save money on your water bills. Though it's small and efficient, it's still mighty. The bowl uses double nozzles. So even though there's less water than the standard toilet, it's spread out for a cleaner flush. This prevents issues where the toilet doesn’t flush completely. With this strong, durable ceramic toilet, don’t worry about clogging or leaks.

Professional installation is recommended for this toilet, although it comes with everything you need to do it yourself. You might be able to get the job done yourself with some experience and a thorough reading of an instruction manual. 

However, the seat is easy to clean once installed. With its sleek, hidden trapway, you don't need to worry about quick dust accumulation or missing a curve when cleaning. 



If you’re looking for a luxury two piece toilet, this is the right choice.

With the TOTO Washlet+, you not only get a dual flush, water-efficient piece of porcelain, but you also enjoy an included bidet. The bidet has everything you'd want from a bidet rather than just a haphazard add-on you get with some. It has simple temperature, oscillation, pulsing, and pressure controls. And, of course, you also get instantaneous warm water, even on cold winter mornings. All of this is controlled with a remote you can mount anywhere for easy access but far from germs. 

But the fun doesn't stop there. Your EWater+ technology cleanses the bowl with electrolyzed water after every use. This cleans the bowl, ensuring everything goes down when it should. Without bacteria hanging out in the toilet, you can clean less often. 

The toilet also has an air-deodorizer included. The air-deodorizer cleans both inside and out of the toilet. With this option, you can enjoy having a cleaner bathroom and less cleaning maintenance.

Who said a toilet has to be boring? When you pick the TOTO Wahlet+, you can look forward to your next bathroom trip. 

Dual Flush Toilet Buyer's Guide: What to Know

You're now ready to peruse your options, but how do you know which dual flush toilet is the best for you? The top choice depends on each person, needs, and bathroom. Some features might matter more to you than others. So, here are some key features when it comes to choosing between different dual flush toilets:

Flushing Design

All toilets work about the same — waste goes down the pipes, and fresh water replaces the old. However, the flushing system mechanics vary more than you may imagine. 

There are two types of toilets: gravity-feed and pressure-assisted. 

Gravity-feed toilets work, as you can imagine, with gravity. Gravity pulls down water and waste through the drain to remove everything from the bowl. This is the more traditional model and the cheaper version of the two. However, a quality gravity-feed design works just as well as a pressure-assisted one and can even be quieter. 

On the other hand, pressure-assisted works by using compressed air in the tank to suddenly force everything down the drain. This design has fewer clogs, which makes it ideal for large families. You won't run into common issues that stem from clogs like the water rising too high after a flush.

However, they are noisy, expensive, and don't perform as well as other toilets in regards to how well it moves through septic systems. 

dual flush toilet


Sit on enough toilets, and you'll realize there are many different bowl height options. While there is a certain standard at around 16 inches, there is also a wide range to accommodate preferences and needs. 

Taller toilets are generally preferred, especially for those who struggle to sit and stand easily, making them suitable for the elderly and those with back problems. These are referred to as comfort toilets. If you're interested in taller versions, look for a bowl that's at least 17 inches off the ground, with some bowls reaching 21 inches.

If you prefer to be more grounded, the standard height is around 15-16 inches.


We've talked about height, but you should also consider the general size. Some designs are simply larger than others, so you should choose one that fits well in your bathroom area. 

If you have a small bathroom or an oddly shaped bathroom, an inch or two can be the difference between fitting in nicely and having your knees against a wall when you sit. So measure out what your bathroom can accommodate before you make a purchase.

Wall hung toilets can save a lot of extra space by hiding the toilet tank behind the wall.

Bowl Shape

While you don’t always look down at the shape of a toilet seat before you sit, you can start to notice a different feeling in terms of comfort after sitting on your toilet day after day. If you’re feeling uncomfortable, this can be due to the shape of the seat.

There isn't always a standard bowl shape, but there are two common options.

For the average seat, you'll either have a round bowl or elongated shape. Round is more circular, whereas elongated stretches out toward the front of the toilet, making a long oval. 

For comfort, the elongated design is sometimes preferred. It provides more support on your thighs and more room in general. It's also easier to clean as you have more space for brushing. However, the bathroom might not be big enough to accommodate the elongated size. 

If you want the comfort of an elongated bowl shape but the size of a round design, keep an eye out for small, elongated shapes, also known as compact-elongated bowls. These have the form you're looking for but take up only as much space as the round variety. 


You can find dual flushing toilets in any shape and color imaginable to match your bathroom. But when it comes to materials, your options are limited. That's because almost every toilet in the world is made up of the same material: Vitreous China. This material is also known as porcelain, a type of ceramic. 

You might see each of these material types listed: Vitreous China, porcelain, and ceramic. However, they are most likely made up of a similar compound from which you can’t distinguish the difference. 

The actual difference comes down to the finish of the porcelain. Is it a glossy finish that will sparkle after a good cleaning? Or is it more matte, designed to blend into the background? 

You can have a preference for what feels better when sitting. But other than that, it just comes down to aesthetics. They're all made easy to clean, hygienic, and affordable. 

Lid Closing

Most modern designs now feature a slow lid closing. If you're shopping for the best dual flush toilet, chances are it will have this feature, but it's not always given. So if a soft closing seat is going to make or break your trips to the bathroom, keep your eyes peeled for the one with a slow lid closing. 

Now it's time to select a dual flush toilet for you. There are many factors to account for, like size, shape, level of comfort, and flushing system. But at the end of the day, any good, modern toilet will do a great job. So pick your favorite and invest in a high-quality piece that can put a beautiful finishing touch on your bathroom. 

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