10 Best High Pressure Shower Heads In 2022

A shower head is one of the most vital accessories for your bathroom. However, a low water pressure shower head that produces a weak water stream makes your shower experience the worst. Low water pressure is the last thing you want while taking a shower. Apart from making it difficult to rinse soap from the body and shampoo from the hair, it doesn't provide the most soothing showers.

A powerful high-pressure shower head with a firm water flow rate adds tremendously to your showering experience. These types of shower heads are designed to offer a refreshing full-force stream, and deliver the an immersive experience for your daily showers.

Here are reviews on some of the best high pressure shower heads you can find on the market, so you can stop worrying about the low water pressure in your old shower head.

Top 10 High Pressure Shower Heads In 2022

Speakman S-2252 Signature Icon Anystream

The intricately-engineered shower head by Speakman design makes your everyday bathing experience better. Unlike cheap plastic high pressure shower heads, this features the patented Anystream Technology.

The feature makes the shower head fully adjustable to 360 degrees for seamless and effortless transition of spray patterns via the side handle. There are multiple spray settings to choose from. You can select a full intense setting for a powerful burst of water, rain mode for gentle water outburst, and flood settings for an ideal relaxing hot high pressure shower.

Not only do you feel revitalized and refreshed, but this high-performing shower fixture also compliments bathroom décor. Made in the US, the Speakman features sturdy brass construction that lasts years. This modern-style faucet design with clean lines and polished chrome finish gives it an iconic look. It offers a 2.5GPM flow rate making it a highly-rated high-pressure shower head.

Thanks to the corrosion-resistant coating, the Speakman shower head is low maintenance. Plus, the self-cleaning plungers are replaceable and prevent the buildup of sediments and hard water. The features result in easy maintenance and cleaning of the faucet. 


  • 2.5GPM flow rate
  • Rust-resistant chrome finish
  • Anystream system
  • Solid construction


  • Pricier than other shower heads

KOHLER K-10282-AK-CP Forte

Everyone knows that KOHLER is a leading name in the bathroom fixture industry. When it comes to making high pressure shower heads, they live up the brand. This polished chrome shower head is designed with the Katalyst technology to offer intense richer water pressure.

The air induction feature maximizes the water-air mixture for a more powerful and even spray. For fuller large water droplets, it infuses 2L of air/min to deliver voluptuous water spray. The Forte shower head combines an air induction system with an internal waterway design and advanced nozzle pattern for a fully-indulgent bath every time.

With dimensions of 0.02 x 3 x 6.75’’, it weighs only one pound and features wall-mount installation since its a fixed shower head. It provides 2.5GPM of flow rate and incorporates the Forte faucet that resists the build-up of water hard or sediments from calcium build up.

Moreover, this sleek elegant faucet matches both contemporary and traditional bathroom design. The PVD finish resists scratches, tarnish, and rust for long-lasting durability.


  • Katalyst technology
  • 2.5GPM flow rate
  • Easy maintenance
  • Corrosion and tarnish-resistant finish


  • Louder than other options

AquaDance 7" Shower Head

If you want a high-pressure shower head, the AquaDance premium shower combo is another excellent choice. This isn't no ordinary shower head, it features two shower heads in one — a large 7 inch and a 4 inch handheld choice.

You can use them both together or separately, depending on your showering needs. Both options have premium chrome finish on the face and back. They come with six adjustable spray settings — power mist, pulsating massage, powerful rain, rain mist, rain massage, and a pause mode for saving water.

Thanks to the 3-way patented water diverter, you can alter water flow between handheld and large-face shower by merely turning the switch.

No need for a plumber, you can easily install it yourself by following the installation guide. The shower heads come with a built-in overhead bracket, reinforced stainless steel hose that's 5 feet flexible. Plus, anti-swivel brass nuts, washers, and Teflon tape for secure yet easy connection.

Also, the AquaDance shower head easily fits any standard shower arm. Made from chrome-plated and rust-resistant stainless steel, it’s a durable shower head. Plus, the rub-clean jet allows for easy cleaning, so avoid scale buildup.


  • Effortless installation
  • Both handheld and head shower
  • Six spray settings


  • Thin sealing tape 

Moen S6320 Shower Head

If you want to add a luxury touch to your shower, Moen's two-Function velocity shower head will make a great choice. This shower head features the Moen exclusive immersion technology. This advanced self-pressurizing immersion channels more water for 3x more powerful spray than standard rain shower heads. 

It offers substantial and consistent water pressure. Users can easily control the two water patterns; invigorating all-over spray and concentrated calming focused rinse with the flip of a lever. Plus, the 8’' large diameter shower head offers outstanding full-body water coverage.

Available in brushed gold, highly-reflective chrome, brushed nickel, and oil-rubbed bronze finishes that work with any bathroom décor style.

With a 2.5 GPM flow rate and 100 nozzles, a steady water stream delivers a spa-like bath experience. It combines functionality with modern style and durability.

This 10.5 x 9.5 x 4.13’’ shower head weighs 2.45lbs and requires wall-mount installation. The Moen's velocity shower head comes with a limited lifetime warranty. The Moen S6320 is a great option if you want strong water pressure. 


  • 2-spray options
  • Four different finishes
  • Immersion technology
  • Large diameter


  • Post-bath dripping happens at times

Antimicrobial High-Pressure Rainfall Shower Combo

Antimicrobial High-Pressure Rainfall Shower Combo

Another shower head combo from AquaDance that takes a spot in our high-pressure shower head list. This rain shower head combo provides a change from boring to a more exciting shower head that delivers maximum spray coverage and intense pressure.

The 7'' large rainfall shower head and 4'' small handheld shower are both angle-adjustable and features an all-chrome premium finish. For the optimal flow of pressure between two showers, it also comes with the AquaDance highly developed 3-zone lever/diverter. The six luxury shower spray settings of pulse, rain, mist, power massage and more. It offers almost 30 diverse spray flow patterns giving you the luxury of choosing the type of pressure you want for your high pressure shower.

It’s most outstanding feature is MICROBAN; the wave-blue jets have anti-microbial nozzles. Moisture promotes the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew on unprotected shower head surface.

That’s why AquaDance introduced the Microban anti-microbial protection and invisible cleanliness system so you get mold-free shower water every time. No need to worry about any mineral deposits in your shower water supply. The rubber material is flexible and allows easy removal of mineral and calcium deposits.

Not only this protection system works 24/7, but it also doesn't wear or wash away after prolonged use. Plus, the rub-clean design keeps nozzles clog-free and clean to enhance flow and pressure. Another benefit of this Microban Protection is that it stops nozzle degradation that happens with time. Thus, it extends the shower head's life making it more durable than others. 


  • Anti-microbial nozzles
  • Comfort-grip ergonomic handle
  • Six spray settings with 30 patterns
  • Easy wall-mount installation


  • Cheap-quality plumber tape

Kaqinu Shower Head Combo

Kaqinu Shower Head Combo

If you prefer a wide full-body water flow coverage and high pressure to meet your showering needs, the Kaqinu shower head combo is an ideal pick.

It features an 8’ inch sizeable square rainfall shower head for full body coverage. It comes with an all-chrome silver finish that's a stylish luxury look to any bathroom. The full-coverage area and high pressure let you enjoy a hotel-style high pressure shower experience from the comfort of your own home.

Plus, it’s rotatable to 180  degrees, so you can adjust the shower head holder in the desired position to meet your needs. Its sleek ultra-thin design made with 304 high-quality stainless steel presents both functionality and style.

Durable and reliable the Kaqinu shower head features a leak-proof design with a water flow regulator and filters to prevent blocking. For most superior flow, there are closely-located 100 silicone nozzles with self-cleaning function to avoid clogging.

Besides, there's a 4.5'' handheld shower with self-cleaning 53 ABS nozzles and three shower modes: powerful, powerful = massage, and massage only. With different spray pattern options, this is great for cleaning appliances, bathing kids and pets. What's more, is that there's an adjustable 11 inch long polished brass extension shower arm that easily fits any the standard head.

The vertical 2-foot movement range lets you set the perfect shower head position. All the installation accessories are included for effortless setup in minutes.


  • Anti-clog silicone nozzles
  • Three spray pattern modes
  • Water flow regulator
  • Wide coverage


  • 75 GPM flow as opposed to high 2.5 GPM

Aqua Elegante 3'' Shower Head

Aqua Elegante 3'' Shower Head

If you’re looking for a high-quality and high-pressure shower head, this Aqua Elegante shower head can change your boring bathing routine to a spa-like rejuvenating shower. This 3’’ diameter round shower head may look small, but it’s might in performance.

Unlike other thin cheap-plastic ones with leaks, the Aqua Elegante shower head features a thick robust thermoplastic ABS resin layer to prevent internal leaks. Also BPA-free, rust and corrosion resistant, and withstands any physical impact.

Thus, it's a long-lasting shower head with an ABS body finished with attractive metal to match all other bathroom fixtures. More durable and adjustable fitting; it has tough and reliable brass threads that won't split or crack. Plus, the durable ball joints offer a great range of motion that allows you to position the shower head wherever you like.

Clogged shower heads spray water in weird patterns and directions. We chose this one because it's engineered with 42 silicone rubber nozzles with self-cleaning and mineral-resistant properties.

They don’t clog up by hard water and deliver tremendous shower water pressure and even flow. Easy to handle as it’s very lightweight yet so sturdy for many years of use, and it weighs 5.5 ounces. The screw-in installation will take less than 3 minutes without any plumbing required.


  • Self-cleaning nozzles
  • Large range of motion
  • Thick ABS resin
  • 2.5 GPM flow rate


  • No multi-function; only one spray setting

Aqua Elegante Massage Shower Head with Mist

Aqua Elegante Massage Shower Head with Mist

Another high-pressure shower head from Aqua Elegante features six spray patterns to choose from. You can experience a traditional spray or pick your desired mist, pulsating, or massage setting.

Thanks to the 42 silicone jets, they deliver high water pressure and high flow downpour. Also, you get peace of mind with self-cleaning nozzles that remove hard water and mineral build-up, making it low-maintenance. Users also appreciate its thick layer of thermoplastic ABS resin that prevents any leakage.

The brass ball joint offers great motion range. It’s adjustable to fit any desired angle. Available in 3 different finish choices to match your style; oil-rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, and chrome. The 5.1 x 5.1 x 3.7’’ shower head uses the highest quality ABS construction with chrome plating.

It’s easy to install with all the tools provided. For your regular shower, you'll have a powerful 2.5 GPM spraying experience that's suitable for low water pressure conditions. 


  • Easy installation and operation
  • 6-spray patterns
  • Anti-clog nozzles
  • 5 GPM


  • Very loud

AQUABAR High-Pressure Shower Head Combo

AQUABAR High-Pressure Shower Head Combo

It’s an excellent choice for people who want a rain shower head effect as well as a handheld spray. The AQUABAR shower combo comes with a large 7’’ rain overhead shower and a 4’’ handheld shower which can be used in combination or separately.

Both showers have similar 6-function spray settings with 48 amazing flow patterns of mist, pulsating massage, and rain. Made from premium-quality ABS material with chrome finish, this shower combo makes a stylish addition to all bathrooms. They feature an advanced 3-zone dial and anti-clogging silicone rubber jets for simple maintenance.

Most of the showers you see fit too high, which makes them difficult to reach. Keeping this issue in mind, AQUABAR designed a back and forth adjustable 18'' extendable arm to adjust your optimal position and height of handheld shower for hands-free operation. 

The handheld shower has a 5ft stainless steel hose to deliver maximum water pressure and flow.


  • 48 spray patterns
  • Tilt and angle adjustable
  • No drilling installation
  • Anti-clog jets


  • Cheap plastic diverter

Lokby High-Pressure Handheld Shower Head

Another high-pressure handheld shower head for you. This Lokby round-shape shower head features a beautiful modern design that provides the ultimate high pressure shower experience even at low water pressure and flow.

For those with low water pressure situations, this can be an ideal option for your bathroom. Not only does it create a high-pressure stream but also delivers a high-velocity water spray. The powerful handheld shower head offers six spray functions, which include spray, power, mist, power + mist, high-pressure, and pause water conserve mode.

This is of great advantage as each member can personalize the shower according to their needs. The self-cleaning, high-pressure, and anti-clogging silicone nozzles deliver even spray and prevent scale and mold buildup. 2.5 GPM flow rate makes it water-efficient to conserve water as well as energy and fuel of water heater.

In terms of durability, it features a solid heat-resistant ABS body with an anti-leak brass swivel ball joint and stainless steel hose that's extendable up to 60 inches. The use of high-quality materials benefits it and is not only lightweight but also 100% corrosion-proof.

There is no drilling required, thanks to a hand-tightened connection. The installation is quick and easy without requiring any additional help.


  • Six spray functions
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Silicone nozzles
  • Consistent laminar flow


  • It tends to drip water after some usage.

High-Pressure Shower Head Buying Guide

best high pressure shower head

High pressure shower heads let you immerse in a spa-like experience right in your bathroom. Shower heads determine the quality of the shower you get in a bathroom. So, it's better to consider some aspects before you blindly choose one to improve the shower experience. 


Nozzles refer to the tiny holes that trickle out water from the shower head. The more number of nozzles or holes, the better the shower head performance. They provide a more optimal distribution of water.

Those with low water quality or hard water must consider high pressure shower heads with filters. Plus, silicone or rubber nozzles are better than stainless steel or plastic for easy removal of mineral deposits like calcium, scum, and scale.

Some shower heads come with self-cleaning nozzles, so you don't have to do the cleaning job. Anti-clogging nozzles are the best and last longer. Since shower heads are a second home for bacteria and mold growth, a shower head with an anti-microbial protective surface is beneficial. 


If water conservation is your utmost priority while choosing a shower-head, many options can save up to 75% of water usage, which makes a dent in your water bill. These shower heads make use of a flow restrictor inside them to save water while still delivering high-pressure.

If you happen to live in an area with a low-water flow such as an upper floor apartment and aren't too worried about the water bill, then you can remove the flow restrictor to increase pressure and flow. 

Spray patterns

If you're okay with the standard spray setting, a standard shower head will work for you. However, to enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy spa, look for shower heads with multi-function settings and patterns.

With these options you can choose from different spray modes to suit your mood like luxurious rain spray, air-infused soft spray, or jet spray that offers a focused burst of water. Some shower heads also have massage spray that produces a pulsating spray that soothes and delivers a messaging effect. 

Low or high pressure

Although some high-pressure shower heads can turn low-pressure water into a mighty stream, some models require high pressure to supply a good water stream. This is true for shower heads with pulsating and jet spray settings. You can increase the water pressure in a home by using a water pressure booster pump.

How to clean a shower head? 

Even though you might have a low-maintenance, self-cleaning shower head, it starts to look nasty after a few years of use due to mineral deposition, mold growth, and stains. The easiest, quickest, and effective way to clean grimy, dirty shower head involves the use of natural ingredient like white vinegar by following the simple steps below:

  • Take a zip-lock clear bag and mix equal parts of white vinegar and water.
  • Place shower head into the bag and make sure holes are entirely submerged into the mixture.
  • Use a string or plastic band to attach the bag to the shower head.
  • For polished brass, brush nickel, and gold fixture, remove the shower head from vinegar solution after 30 minutes. Other shower head materials can take longer to loosen hard deposits.
  • Wipe the shower head with a wet cloth and run water for 3 minutes through the shower head to flush any left solution.

A high pressure shower head isn't the only bathroom accessory you might need. After you get done showering, a bathroom exhaust fan with a light can prevent mold growth by reducing humidity. Get a great showering experience with the best high-pressure shower head that provides a steady flow rate stream of water.

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