Best Toilet Water Supply Lines: 2022 Reviews

Over time you're old toilet supply line might become worn out which inevitably leads to water leaks. 

Toilet water supply lines often also known as toilet connectors often come in many different sizes. Before you buy one, you'll want to know the length of your current toilet supply line and get a new one of the same length.  

They're not the hardest to replace but you also don't want to be routinely getting new ones. That's why it's important to choose options that are durable. 

Based on that here is our top three choices. 

Best 3 Toilet Supply Lines

Eastman 48087 Stainless Steel Toilet Connector

The Eastman 48087 is a 304-braided stainless steel toilet connector that measures 9" in length. 

The working pressure for it is 125 PSI and it has a burst pressure of 1500 PSI. It has a non toxic PVC core, comes equipped with a 7/8 inch ballcock nut and 3/8 inch compression.

Eastman also has toilet connectors that come in different sizes including 12", 16" and 20" so you can find one that's the right size for your toilet. You don't have to worry about corrosion with this corrosion-resistant material, keeping it working for years with no issues. 

Fluidmaster B1T09 Toilet Connector

The Fluidmaster B1T09 is 9 inches in length and has 3/8 inches compression and 7/8 inches ballcock nut. It has a 5 year warranty but thanks to it's stainless steel braiding it might not matter.

Fluidmaster offers several buying options for it, whether you want it in a pack of two if you have to replace more than one toilet's supply line. Otherwise you can get it in different sizes like 6", 16" and 20".

KISSLER 88-2908 Toilet Supply Line

The KISSLER 88-2908 measures 12 inches in length and is made of stainless steel that is braided with reinforced PVC liner. Due to it's stainless-steel, rust isn't formed as easily and it features 3/8 inch compression with a 7/8 inch brass nut.

The PVC liner is inside the tube and it contains metal connectors on both sides of it. Metal connectors are superior than plastic connectors since they don't break as easily and can save you thousands of dollars in potential water damage repair costs. 

The KISSLER 88-2908 has a breaking pressure of 2000 PSI. It works for all types of toilets, like large ones and more compact options.

How To Replace A Toilet Supply Line

It's actually very easy to replace the supply line for a toilet. 

1. As usual, whenever doing any type of plumbing work shut off the water.

2. Once the water is turned off, loosen the fittings and remove the old toilet water supply line.

3. Now just simply add the new toilet supply line and ensure that it's connected tightly. 

4. Turn the water back on and attempt to flush and verify that there aren't any water leaks. 

Toilet Supply Line Sizes

Toilet supply lines come in many different sizes and some tend to be more flexible than others. The most common sizes are 9", 12", 16" and 20". You'll want to find one that is the right size otherwise it might bend which will put unnecessary pressure on the line. 

About the author 

Ryan Thompson is a residential and commercial plumber from Miami, Florida. He has over 20+ years of plumbing experience. He is also a huge DIY enthusiast who does all types of improvement projects around the house.