Best Water Pressure Booster Pumps In 2022

As a homeowner, there are many things that you can control around the house. The pressure of your water supply is one thing that’s outside of your control. Since it comes from outside, your water pressure will depend on many different factors.

That includes the geography of your neighborhood, as well as how many neighbors you have. If you’re in a dense area, you’re sharing the pressure from your city’s water supply with all of the other residential water systems nearby, which might lead to a low water pressure. That’s why many homeowners invest in a booster pump to improve the water pressure in their homes.

A water pressure booster pump is used for improving water pressure and flow rate. Without enough pressure, water cannot circulate from a source to another desired location in your home. If you’ve noticed water trickling out of your shower head lately, it's likely because the water pressure is low.

Top 6 Water Pressure Booster Pumps

Simer 4075SS-01 3/4 HP Pressure Booster Pump

The Simer pressure booster pump made by Sta-Rite Industries LLC ¾ horsepower model weighs 25 pounds and comes in a corrosion-proof stainless steel housing and durable materials. If you prefer home appliances that look nice and sleek, you’ll be pleased to have this pump in your home.

The pressure is adjustable up to a maximum of 40 PSI. You should buy a pressure gauge or pressure regulator to check for any pressure changes as well as a check valve. It’s designed to be highly durable and quiet which means that it’ll last many years, and you’ll barely hear the water pressure booster pump when it’s activated. 

Powering this pump is easy, whether you’re placing it in your attic or the basement, all you need to do is make sure that there’s a wall socket nearby. Once you’ve attached it to your water system, all you have to do is plug it in and power it up.


  • Automatically activates when needed
  • Corrosion-proof built ensures longevity
  • Can increase PSI by up to 40


  • Installation process can take up to an hour or more

Grundfos MQ3-35

Grundfor is the industry leader when it comes to water pressure booster pumps and this product is one of the best water pressure boosters. The Grundfos MQ3-35 water pressure booster pump model runs silently, and it’s self priming pump as well. It’s a ¾ horsepower pump that you can adjust to provide the right amount of pressure based on your needs. It starts to kick in once the water flow reaches it. Whether your home has three bathrooms or just one you can adjust it as you need.

One of the vital safety features this pump has is its dry-run protection. That means that if for whatever reason your water system is cut off, the pump will automatically stop running. This helps prevent it from sucking in air or debris that would otherwise damage the pump. Once the water has resumed, the pump can automatically reset itself and go back to functioning normally. With its built-in pressure tank, the pump can reduce the number of starts that it needs to operate smoothly.

With this product, you can expect a water pressure booster pump that is durable and long-lasting. It’ll serve you well for a very long time.


  • Compared to other pumps, it's not as noisy
  • Can increase water pressure by 20 to 40 psi levels
  • Installation process isn't too difficult


  • May need to buy a pressure regulator aside to keep it pumping consistently

Grundfos 98562818 60Hz Automatic Water Pressure Booster Pump

The SCALA 2 is the second Grundfos pump on this list, and also another one of the top choices out there. What you're looking at is the Grundfos SCALA 2, which is probably one of the most popular water pressure booster pumps for households.

The SCALA 2 is useful for any home's water pressure boosting needs. You can see that with how the pump comes with a pump control that’s intelligent enough to adjust itself. You see, most pumps only operate in one setting, so they're always either on or off. 

In this case, the SCALA 2 pump will adjust its pressure based on the demand. If you're running two or three showers in your home at the same time, the pump will increase its power if it senses any water pressure drops, to ensure the pressure is consistent in all bathrooms. If you're only using a little bit of water to wash the dishes, the pump will adjust accordingly with less water pressure.

You'll also enjoy the fact that this Grundfos pump is quieter than many other models on this list at roughly 47 decibels. That silent operation comes in handy, especially since you can use this pump both indoors and outdoors. You could fix it indoors or outdoors, though you'd need an enclosure to protect it from the elements outdoors.


  • Automatically increases pressure when required
  • Quiet (47 dB) when in use
  • Powerful with the capability of boosting up to 70-75 psi if needed


  • Can get noisy with time

Davey Water Products’ BT20-30T2-USA Pump

The BT-20 model pump is just one from the company's BT Series of pressure boosting systems that offer intense water pressure in a compact, stainless steel package. This particular model works well with both surface-level water supply or even in situations where you're pulling water from an underground source.

Davey Water Products used robust corrosion-proof materials as well as IP55 protection against things like dust and dirt. This water pressure booster pump has carbon and ceramic seals to ensure that you'll never have to worry about water leaks. We recommend to get a pressure regulator to get the correct pressure for your home before using this unit.

One of the most impressive qualities of this pump is that it comes with the Torrium 2 controller. The controller is effective at measuring how much pressure is coming into the pump before adjusting its output. That way, the water pressure booster pump offers you consistent water pressure no matter how much there is flowing in from the outside so you don't have to worry about any low water pressure problems.

The controller also comes with surge protection and dry run protection. This means that the pump can reset itself and continue functioning without you having to do anything at all. 

Don't forget to read our guide on the best sump pumps for your crawlspace.


  • Can expect pressure boost of up to 50 psi
  • Stainless steel built provides durability
  • Doesn't produce much noise and can barely hear if it's down in a basement


  • May start to leak with time

Bur-Cam 506532SS Water Pressure Booster Pump

The  Bur-Cam is a dual-use pump perfect for homes of all kinds making it quite the versatile pump at an affordable price. It comes in a corrosion resistant jet pump body and has a maximum flow rate of 15 gallons. It's jet pump versatility allows you to use it in deep wells.

Being dual-use means that you can use it as a water pressure booster pump or you can use it specifically to draw water out of a shallow well. Whatever the case may be, this pump does not require a pressure switch or a pressure tank to function.

If your home relies on underground well water as described above, this pump has a maximum vertical pull of 25 feet for your convenience. That's pretty impressive for a stainless steel pump that's as compact as this one.

Bur-Cam built a lot of protective features into this pump. It comes with dry-run protection that shuts it off in case there isn't any water flowing into it. It also has thermal and overload protection to ensure that the unit doesn't burn itself out from working too much.


  • Versatile with jet pump to work in residential home settings or wells
  • Provides consistent pressure so no pressure regulator needed
  • No wiring required making the installation process easier


  • There are some notable leakage complaints

Zodiac PB4-60 Polaris Booster Pump

Zodiac is another leading brand in the water pressure booster pumps industry. The PB4-60 model pump is designed to be used with the Polaris pressure-side pool cleaner.

The Zodiac PB4-60 water pressure booster pump has a 3/4 horsepower, 60-Hertz motor that delivers a consistent and robust flow of water right when you need it. The entire unit rests on a heavy-duty single-piece base so you'll never have to worry about vibrations and loud noises caused by the pump. Even though the pump offers a lot of power, Zodiac managed to fit it into a compact design that doesn't take up much space.

It's evident that Zodiac designed this pump to be easy to use. It allows for easy installation thanks to the quick connectors and Softube hose, which are easy to fix on and take off as needed. The pump comes with improved seals, drain plugs, and o-rings that are very effective at preventing leaks.


  • Easy to setup and start working
  • It's pretty quiet when in use


  • Need a technician to install in order to ensure warranty coverage

Water Booster Pump Buyers Guide

Buying a booster pump saves you from the annoyance of dealing with low water pressure. You won't have to deal with the frustration of bathing under trickling shower heads or trying to do gardening with a dry tap. But just don't forget to get a shower head that is built to handle high water pressure. Also, same deal for your toilet supply lines.

Booster pumps guarantee a stable water pressure, which means you can get water anytime and anywhere you need it. This is important when you have a household that needs water for various needs.

Low water pressure can make simple activities like bathing, brushing, and dishwashing difficult. With a booster pump, you can forestall water supply line problems and make things easier for your home.

Household water pressure booster pumps typically serve one of two purposes. One type is specifically for bathrooms, they provide you with consistent and robust water pressure so that you can enjoy great showers and baths for as long as you'd like.

Some water pressure booster pumps also have secondary uses, such as with pool cleaners or to draw water out of shallow wells. Whether you’re using the pump for showering or cleaning your pool, it’s essential to choose a pump that provides you with the right amount of pressure that you need.

Here are essential things to consider:

Location of water source - Water needs higher pressure to reach a higher location. If you live in a multi-story apartment, you may need a high-pressure booster to get adequate water supply.

Flow rate - The flow rate of your booster pump determines how much water it can pump. A higher flow rate is usually ideal if you have a large household. Some will have a built in flow sensor to determine water the water flow should be at.

Bar rating - Bar rating is the expected pressure rating of water leaving the booster pump. Say your pressure booster pump has a bar rating of 1.5. If your water originally had a pressure rating of 0.7, the booster pump will double the pressure.

Impeller - The impeller is the blade that pushes the water out of the pump. Some models have more impellers than others, which can help improve effectiveness.

Cost - Your budget will determine the quality of booster pumps you can buy. However, it’s wrong to think that price is a sign of quality. A high-end water pump may come with bells and whistles, but a regular booster pump can get the job done as well. 

Household needs - Try to calculate how much water your home requires before investing in a booster pump. If you need more water, then a high-efficiency model will serve you better than a regular model.

Also, consider how much water pressure you need. Remember that pressure influences flow rate. So, if you want faster flow from your faucets, taps, and shower heads, buy a high-pressure booster pump.

A word of caution about water pressure: Excessive pressure will wear out your plumbing system and increase maintenance costs. Newer models have self-switching abilities and turn off if water pressure exceeds a preset limit to solve this problem.


Do water pressure boosters work?

Yes, water pressure booster pumps are one of the easiest ways to increase the water pressure in your home. If you're home only has one pump, it might not be sufficient to meet all the water needs around your home. A booster pump pressurizes the water from your source and helps deliver it to different areas in your home like the shower, faucets, and toilets. If your home is suffering from low water pressure in faucets or showers, it's one of the easier ways to get things back to normal. Apart from residential settings, they're also commonly used in commercial buildings that need water to travel upwards.

How do water booster pumps work?

The standard booster pump comprises a motor, impeller, ports, and a pressure sensor. Here's a crash course on how booster pumps improve your water pressure:

Water enters the pump system through the inlet. As the water touches the impellers, they spin and increase the speed at which water flows. Then the water exits the system through the outlet to the desired location.

The pressure-increasing action happens when the impellers speed up the flow of water passing through the system. That speed is converted to pressure, which explains how booster pumps maximize water pressure.

How do you adjust the water pressure on your booster pump?

Depending on your booster pump, adjusting the pressure might be pretty simple. Some pumps come with pressure adjustments that you rotate. Typically, they might be small screws that you can adjust with a wrench or another similar system. 

Another way to adjust the pressure is by twisting and turning your home's water pressure valve. If you're experiencing low water pressure, you will want to check that the valve hasn't been accidentally moved counterclockwise. To turn it back to the maximum pressure, turn the valve clockwise. If you have a water pressure check gauge, run a quick test to confirm your pressure levels.  

How long do water booster pumps last?

If you buy a quality booster pump, expect it to last around 8 to 10 years. Average quality pumps might last between 5-8 years. These helpful home tools aren't cheap by any means and can range from hundreds of dollars to a couple thousand for the more premium choices. So you'll want to ensure that you're buying the correct one for your water source and one with an adequate build to last for years to come. 

If you're showering with high water pressure, you might also need an exhaust fan that can handle the added humidity, so check these options. Low water pressure is rarely an experience you enjoy. A water pressure booster pump can get your water to the ideal pressure level and improve water flow. 

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